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Thread: Im on vacation at Baja!

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    Hi people, Im writing from my cousin´s Cafe at ´vizcaino desert´ in Baja.
    We have not done anything exiting so far and the weather is very hot, but I hope we do
    something fun in the coming days.
    Apparently we are going to the beach, but the one at the Pacific, not at Sea of Cortes, I wish we where going to Mulege, but I don´t think we will.


    Well, Im back at home in Tijuana.
    As it turns out, We actually had a great time; in fact I was so busy that I couldn't keep my word on posting regularly as I said.
    At first we didn't go out much, but then we decided that it was time to stir things a little and set to go to San Ignasio by our own,
    but finally almost all the family ended up going. San Ignasio is a town 1 hour south of Vizcaino, it is a little quiet town with lots of
    palm trees and a river that goes across it. But once there we found our selfs traped in the mid day heat, Damn it, I was sweating like crazy
    and just for breathing, it really was that hot. So we thought of this place we had gone a few years back,
    it's called "El Alamo" (beacuse of a big tree), this place is kind of a secret place in the way that not everyone knows of it.
    To get there you have to go through a narrow dirt road full of branched and cactus, but then, out of the nothing you find this
    paradise like place, a beautiful river on the middle of a bunch of palm trees; well, it is an oasis in the desert.
    When you get there you find just locals, no ameriac tourists as I imagine most of them that past through this town to get to Los Cabos
    haven't even heard of this place. But to make the story short, when we got there, it suprised me to find that the place was just
    as the last time we where there, almost pristine, it was midd week, so the few people the where there when we arrived left later and
    we where left with the nice quiet river. We literaly jumped to the water the minute we got there.
    The next few days we spent at home, with our cousins and theyr friends, I liked the girlfriends most ;-),
    we had a good time, a 'Civer Cafe' is a good place to meet people, so that made a great deal of the fun. Im now in contact via e-mail
    with varius people that I meet there.
    On the fifth day or so, my aunt wanted to take us camping to a beach she had heard of some time back, it was suposedly located like two hours from there, one by freeway and one by open road (dirt road or wahtever its called), so we prepared all the gear and suplies and
    started the drive at 5am. We did find the place called 'Campo Rene, but it wasn't anything close to what we had expected, there where
    no palapas, no bath, no store, there wasn't anithing, it was plane desert with strange looking beach... ooh, and lots and lots of strange birds.
    We where stuned, and after a few minutes we desided, we where going to stay.
    It was fun, I mean, we had the beach fo our self, we saw no other human being in all the time we spent there, we even went swiming it the
    rough beach, the waves turned out to be kind of tricky but fun.
    Just when we had the camp set up, like at 5pm, it started to get windy, very very windy, the sand hit very hard against our legs,
    all our suplies where being trown away so we realize something, we where in the middle of "The Desert", the wild
    We went hote that same day, it was quiote the adventure, we didn't regret it.
    Two days from that , we went back to 'El Alamo' at San Ignasio, the place was worth the trip.
    This time we spent the whole day there, and we took some friends with us. It was more fun and just a little less hot.

    We spent a few days more at Vizcaino, just there, relaxing in the quiet town, standing the heat,
    going to the store or something like that with the 'new frineds'.
    The night before we set on our way back to Tj, we whent to the 'fair' that comes to town every year, it was not at its best as it was
    just friday, lasttime I was there, it was on sunday and the p[lace was full, lots of people and activity.
    I usualy don't go on the rides, but I guess this time I was over-exited or something, you know how it is, so as soon as we got there
    I said: 'hey, lets get on that one' and so we did.
    It was the one shaped like a squid, with a few tentacles that spin very fast and then go up and down very fast.
    ooh my God, once up there I thought in my head 'Ooh God what was I thinking', I was very scared but I could't let it show cus I had this girl
    with me, so I played it cool, but in fact I was thankful I hadn't aeten yet, I really was.
    That night we got home at 12:30am.
    we set on our 12 hour drive back to Tj at 3:00am.

    Next I post just a few of the hundreds of pictures I took,
    I would post more, but for security reasons we'll leave it like that.

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    Kool , but don't drink the water . JK better than a post card bud ,enjoy your trip .

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    Nice looking place, very odd looking trees, like big long sticks.
    fecking hell, you do get about mate, are you on a mission
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Nice one WP Hope you have a nice time and have a story or two to tell when you get back.

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    go to first...
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    Did you stay at a resort? If so, what's the name? (gets pen handy)

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    I am going to Mulege next week

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    sorry for not keeping my word,
    but I leave you a resume of my vacation at the beginig.

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    M8 that looks luverly I wish I was there it's the middle of winter here and raining all day so honestly that looks like a real paradise
    I'll just go back to my pint now and dream of better weather


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