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Thread: Microsoft Office

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    Servus everyone,

    Maybe something like this has been posted forgive me if that is the case. I was just wondering if there is any way I could get the Microsoft Office pack from someone or somewhere. I'm most interested in getting Microsoft computer is EMPTY and I really have to start working. Thanks in advance, good evening and good night.

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    Why not try open source ? Do you really need Microsofts bloated program ,or is it just for email and birthday cards .

    I'm not trying to be funny ,sorry but what do you need in an office program ? Most of Microsoft Office is BS . Is it just word or an Power Point program ?
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    Hey thanks a lot mate! I'd totally forgotten about Open Office. You know...I blame all that mainstream propaganda that bombards us everyday so that we keep thinking Microsoft is the best and only option. I got open office now, Thank you again

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    agree with sir peat moss
    open office


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