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Thread: ChronicTracker invite ???

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    ChronicTracker is back online, but i cannot login to my account.
    Recovering password also doesn't work, probably they had a DB crash...
    Also the address works, but they renamed the tracker
    and changed the address to

    If anyone can login there please send me an invite...
    i can give you something in return ;]

    ps. feel free to write in this post about your situation on Chronic
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    warfab's Avatar TorrntSiteListUpdter
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    Apr 2004
    Same situation here...

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    ok, i managed to get a new account...
    all stats gone to hell :/

    if you want a new one then go to their IRC: #ChronicTracker
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    smalle's Avatar Belgian Waffle Lover
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    May 2006
    thnx dfunk for the tip! account up and running here

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    ghurka's Avatar Welsh Bhoy BT Rep: +5
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    Aug 2003
    I've got 2 invites for anyone who can prove they were a member before the site crashed.

    For the benefit of those retards who don't even bother to read the threads I am not giving these out to anyone who wasn't previously a Chronic member....don't even ask!!
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