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Thread: Working With Easy Cd Creator & Xp Pro

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    I am having problems getting Easy CD Creator to work with Windows XP Pro, the latest verison I have is 5.0 . Anyone having this problem, if so what other CDR Copy software will work ok. FiveO

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    uninstal, and get the winXp adapteck, or roxio, patch should be something like5.2 ezcd eng, and instal that then reinstal easy cd creator, hope it works for you,

    If not, get Nero, I have CDcreator 6, it's a hog, and slow for me, but Nero, I can burn a full cd in 2and a half min. Cool

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    Get Roxio Easy CD&DVD Creator 6. Click here:
    You will also find updates here.

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    If you want Roxio, do what Somebody1234 said, but I prefer Nero for all my burning needs. Visit to download the software. You'll need a serial to get out of its demo mode but don't go asking around on the boards.

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    i know exactly your problem. Roxio 5 Platinum needs to have an update installed to work on XP. Just go to the roxio website and intall all the updates for Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum. My advice though is to just get Roxio 6 if you really want to stay with the Roxio family.

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    I agree with the others on this board, Nero is a far superior program.

    Hands down


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