Based on a game by Candy Soft.

The main character, Tsushima Leo, isn`t engaged in either sports or study, and he is always hanging around with his childhood friends, Samesuga Shinichi, Date Subaru, and Kanisawa Kinu.

He secretly loves Kiriya Erika. She is a daughter of Kiriya Cooperation, very beautiful, smart, and a student leader. However, her acts are very eccentric. Therefore, at the same time she is loved by many students, she is hated by as many students.

One day, because the main characters are being late for school, they try to sneak into the campus. However, a girl knocks them out to catch. It is Kurogane Otome. She is Leoís cousin, and Reo thought of her as his elder sister when they were children, but they havenít met for years. Soon, she begins to live with Reo in the same house in order to change his lazy life.

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