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Thread: newbie question: 0dayz?

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    Jun 2006
    what are these 0days things i see on TL. It looks like just a list of random programs. I'm clearly missing something here because I see lots of people raving about them as a reason why TL is so great. Sorry for the newbieness of this question

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    CableMan391's Avatar Hazard
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    That should answer your question.

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    curently updates of programs or....

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    1337sk33t's Avatar So Not a Newbie
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    lol -.-" wikipedia never ceases to amaze me with all the jargon they have .... but nevertheless, helpful jargon lol.

    "Zero day or 0day refers to software, videos, music, or information released or obtained on the day of public release. Items obtained pre-release are deemed "Negative day" or sometimes "-day". Zero-day software, videos, and music usually have been either illegally obtained or illegally copied."



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