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Thread: How do you protect yourself with BT?

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    Jul 2006
    Do you go through proxies? PeerGuardian? Do programs like peer guardian work?

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    I think they do, if you keep them up-to-date.
    Also, if you can, join those private trackers, they have much smaller pool of users.

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    I use a good firewall, PG2 and basicly take the punt that I'm not going ot be the one that gets fucked over.
    But there is no way to be absolutly safe. the powers that be are going to mask their IP's when they bust you so PG is only going to provide limited protection. I agree that using private trackers is the way to go but not because they're safer mainly because they're faster. In the end I think using public and private trackers are both risky...but that's what makes it fun right?

    well I supose that and all the free shit

    I don't think using a proxy will provide any protection at all eventualy a peer is going to have to connect to your IP in order for you to download the all using a proxy will do is get you banned from all the good trackers
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    I gave up on pg2 a while back it blocks stuff you don't want it to, i would only use it if i were a frequent public site user. I guess the invite only sites are probablly alot more secure.

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    I use emule's ipfilter with uTorrent and it works great.

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    i use pg2 and a good firewall. as for general secutity disable upnp on your router and open ports manualy

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    i got a letter from my isp yesterday for d/l'ng American Psyco DVD, and i use PG2... shows how much that worked...

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    You can set a proxy directly in your bt client so when you connect to other users you're downloading and uploading through that proxy. Usually for that to work well you'll need a really fast proxy server to download at max speeds.


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