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    I downloaded a file and it contained a virus. I ran norton and it deleted a file called system32.exe first can someone tell me whether or not there is such a file? And two everytime my pc boots up when i come into windows it asks for the system32.exe file and says its missing, I dont know what too do please help you guys thanx aintgottime

    Im running Windows XP Pro

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    just done a search in windows xp home and found no files on my computer called system32.exe
    can't think why there is an error
    it looks like you may have to repair your installation of windows, unless this problem can be solved by replacing the corrupted file

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    edit: double post, sorry

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    I think the virus formed the system32.exe file and some how has created a boot record of it too some where (a file which tells it too load with windows) but i dont know where

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    you could try running msconfig and checking the boot.ini file and startup items loaded

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    Same thing happend to me i had to do a repair Also if it is the same virus as me you now you have round about 50mb of wormz hiding worms in a windows folder i cant remember what the file they were in was called but if you open kazaa and then see if you are sharing a folder in windows go to that file then use the option to "show all hidden files"

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    I was, i found them 3 weeks ago and deleted them. Im just formating and re-setting up windows xp, i think ill leave norton auto protect running in future


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