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Thread: Help:CDRW-DVD wont read manully written CDs

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    Hi Guys I have been facing a peculier problem, I have a Samsung CDRW-DVD SM 348B running on a WinXP Pro SP 2 machine, since the last 1 month it has stopped reading CDs that are written on any computer it just refuses to read or recognize it. When I insert the CD(s) - any that has been written on any machine - I get an error message saying {"invalid function, jdrive name) inaccessable}

    Now the tricky part it that it reads any commercial CDs that I pick off the shelf (strang na)

    I have dont recall what could have caused the the error, I have tried re-installing the drivers - no benefit

    Can anyone help ..
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    Its always possible the drive is bad, is it still in warranty?

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    It's a known fault with Samsung combo drives of about that age. My brother had the self same problem, although possibly not exactly the same model.

    You should check around to see if there any firmware updates, some models had a fix.
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