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Thread: Monty Python Musical

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    That would be funny no . Working title Spam By Me , I'd go and I don't go out much .

    To bring Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the stage, Eric Idle had to convince his colleagues, raid the back catalogue and reinvent the musical .

    Eric Idle says, when asked, that he is not an ex-Python. "I always deny that. I say Graham's an ex-Python." That would be Graham Chapman, the one who died: an ex-Python in the same way that the Norwegian Blue is an ex-parrot. "I'm more of a former Python. You can't escape it till you're dead. There's no end."

    Link :
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    Yeah, I was talking about that with my friends. Might go sometime..but I doubt it will be as funny as the original.

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    That woul be great. ^_^


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