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Thread: failed-Translation please :)

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    I've tried to register at for a few times now, and each time after i'm filling the registration form i get this error:

    "Registrering misslyckades!
    Användarnamnet finns redan!"

    just in case you hadn't understood already, i'm not living in any of those "Landskap" and i'm not familiar with the lang.

    also, i think that maybe this clarification has somthing to do with the error (maybe i'm filling an unacceptable email address):

    E-postadressen måste vara giltig. Du kommer få ett mail med en 'aktiveringslänk' som du måste klicka på för att aktivera ditt konto.
    * E-postadressen kommer inte bli offentligt visad här.

    Thanks in advance

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    It says something about coming some detailes on your e-mail...
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