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Thread: Anyone else having probs with Oink ?

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    Piyush Singh's Avatar ImPoster BT Rep: +1
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    Jan 2006
    Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh
    I am not able to refresh the pages there.
    I remember seeing on the homepage that they'd be off the radar because of some routine maintenance but I do not remember the day they has specified.
    Torrents seeding & downloading are functioning properly but pages are not showing in firefox.
    Any similar experiences ?

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    PooBar's Avatar TorrentSlut BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Jul 2006
    also i filemp3 is down as well ..hope its just for maintenace

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    ghurka's Avatar Welsh Bhoy BT Rep: +5
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    Aug 2003
    Both sites are back up now....well they are for me. I can still get in under the old Oink address.

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    PooBar's Avatar TorrentSlut BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Jul 2006
    up as for me ,anyone having problems getting inot filemp3 do this ,
    under windows

    Start -> Run -> cmd <enter>

    then in the dos-box type: ipconfig /flushdns <enter>

    close all tools like browsers, rss feed readers etc that are related to the internet and use DNS and restart them. then for the most users the sites should work again. if not try also a reboot.

    if you have a router you must reset your DNS Cache also, you gotta check your manual or the website of the developer. Also check Firewalls you use, if they got a DNS Cache option, all those tools must RENEW/RESET the DNS cache so the websites can be reached again

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    1337sk33t's Avatar So Not a Newbie
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    thanks poobar!


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