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Thread: videos to dvd

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    I wish to burn some videos to dvd, to play on a dvd player.
    There are 16 files, all currently avi, coming to about 8.6gb.
    Does anyone know roughly how many standard dvds this will take to burn to?

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    If each avi is 700mb it is supposed to be upconverted to 1 dvd but if you use the right encoder you can reduce the bitrate to fit two avi's onto one with a resulting loss of quality of course. Remember that somewhere along the line someone took a dvd and ripped it to the 700mb avi and choosing that size for its ability to fit on a cd and that would be great for you if your dvd player was divx compatible cause then it would play the files as is without having to reencode. In other words get a divx compatible dvd player and save yourself alot of time and money, at least in the long run. You can fit 6 700mb avi's on one dvd and burn them in data mode and this type of player will play them as is. Drawbacks? no chapters in the divx format so you have to fast forward to get to where you left off when viewing a movie in two sittings.


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