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Thread: PTnA down?

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    All of a sudden, I can't access the site, or use my torrents that I downloaded at all. Are they down or is it just me?

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    1337sk33t's Avatar So Not a Newbie
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    its working for me..... however FileMP3, Filelist and Fileporn are down atm... changing servers

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    This is not good... Could my ISP be blocking it? I already checked everything on my end.

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    all the file sites are back up..:-D

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    PureTnA isn't working for me either. I'm having the same problems that 1031982 is having. I tried IE, Opera and Firefox, but none of them work. Is the site down or am I banned?

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    PurtTna doesn't work for me either. I was able to connect with a proxy though, must be banned or something.

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    Well, I haven't done anything wrong to my knowledge... if I was banned and have been completely locked out, I wish I know what happened.
    On a side note, I called my ISP, and they can't access it either...
    I have SBC/ATT DSL, so if anyone on another ISP has the problem, that will make me feel a little better, but mostly worse because there is no news about it.
    What do I do for Proxy configuration. (Configuration and settings.) PM or E-Mail if you must, but a post will help others.

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    I have suddenlink. Maybe the site is down (or worst.....closed)?

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    I get DNS error when I try. Proxify doesn't work either (same error).

    They are probably going to destroy it like they did to empornium.

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    I hope it doesn't get closed down... I have over 5000 torrents from there waiting to be downloaded...

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