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    There are so many peapol out ther that need Help(including me) so started this help topic.
    If you need help so write it here so we dont have dozens of help topics.

    I need help with Neverwinter nights.

    I opened the cue file for cd3 with note pad and changed the name of the file(i used rigth clik and then change name)both in the cue file and the bin.

    And.....Now it worked but the autorun doesent work. and now the question. Doesent it work becuse i burnt it to an CD-RW or becuse i did something wronge when i changed the cue file.

    Please help me.
    (And say what you think about this topic in general.good, bad or unnecessary)

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    Depending on whatever copy-protection was on it, sometimes autorun won't work. I've never made a .cue file using notepad, I do it the lazy way and use CDmage.

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    Great idea for a topic, saves having to trawl throught the "how do i open a bin file" posts

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    Gameworld is one big help section. Each individual topic should be about a specific game or issue. And you should use a more descriptive subject line than just "Help" or "Please Read", so we all know at a glance whether or not to bother reading a new topic. I sometimes get annoyed when I click on a message asking for help, only to find out it's a question about a game (or a piece of hardware, etc.) which I don't even have. If I had known that from the start, I wouldn't have wasted my time reading it!


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