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Thread: Oink ratio problems

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    Man, is it just me, or is it really hard to get a good ratio at Oink? I've been trying to upload this stupid file I d/led and I can never u/l greater than 3-5 kbs...but there are like 50-70 leechers, so wtf? The damn thing d/led really quickly (15gigs, under 24hrs) but i'll never get back to 1:1 at this rate. Never had this problem at any site.

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    well you can always upload your own files there, if you can't keep your raito at 1.0

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    if its a discography or similar large torrent those 'leechers' may have only downloaded part of it and are therfore effectively seeders now (of the part they have) so you'll never upload anything to them.

    as the guy above me said, your best bet is to rip some cds at in good quality and up them
    you look like i need a drink....


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