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Thread: Dididave

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    Why does no one here ever speak of dididave??? Its a great site with great pretimes and awesome selection.I have an invite or two to trade if it's going to good use PM me
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    Probably because signups are still open. It seems the sites that go to invites or disable signups become more popular.

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    dididave has amazing pre-times. always find films there 1st, and im a member of some pretty good sites. i dont like their new "ratio" system though. keeping a normal 1:1 ratio is better. they now require u to seed for 72 hours or get to 1:1 on every torrent. before i could build up ratio on popular files and could leave smaller torrents to other users. now ur forced to seed every torrent for 72 hours.

    the new addition they just added is sweet too power users will know what im talking about.

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    I haven't used the site for about a month so apart from the layout I haven't noticed any difference. I'm a power user there so what should I be looking for John.

    By the way I don't like the ratio system either. Everytime I reboot my pc I get another damn message. So its mostly because of that I haven't used the site recently.


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