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Thread: Have: TorrentFactory, FSC, POTUk... Want: UK-T

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    thenastyguy BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    May 2006
    I see that today everyone wants uk-t But so do I. For an account on UK-T I'm willing to give maybe even all of these accounts but that depends on few other things...

    - TorrentFactory
    - FSC
    - POTUK
    - BitmeTv
    - BTMusic
    - Karagarga
    - SweBits
    - ChronicTracker
    - FTN
    - Pisexy
    - Learnbits
    - Wild-Bytes
    - ChristianTorrents
    - ShareTorrents
    - Acid Lounge
    - SuperTorrents
    - SupremeTorrents
    - Empornium
    - x264
    - SceneLinks
    - Piratebits
    - nordic-t

    I have also account on finbytes and sooner or later I'll have invites there. So it's better for you to book one

    Pm me if you're interested

    Edit: I forgot about something... I promised to some ppl that before I invite someone to some trackers I'll check their ratio on other sites. So be prepared
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