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Thread: Sweex Annex A + Dynamic IP

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    Hi, when i frist used Bit Torrent it worked fine, but then i moved house, and i bought a router, Sweex Annex A. I Now cant seem to download over 15kb, i did try and open my ports, but then i find that my ip is dynamic, i also cant seem to find the UPnP thing, any help please?
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    it doesn't matter if your ip is dynamic,
    open network connections, right click on the network card that connects you to the internet, go properties, then hit internet protocol (tcp/ip) and properties,
    now change the settings to "use the following ip address"
    and give it ANY ip within your modems dhcp server ip range. (you can find out the begining and ending ip in your modems settings under dhcp server or somthing close)
    the subnet mask is (should set that auomatically when you click on it)
    and the default gateway and dns server is your modems address, default is usually, but it will be somewhere in the paper work.
    Then port forward on your router, do a TCP and UDP port forward for whatever port your BT client uses, and forward it to the ip you specified in network connections.

    That should do the trick.
    It confused me a little because my modem is also a router, but give this a try and tell me what happened.
    You may have to change the default gateway and dns server to your routers ip instead of your modems,
    experiment with both, all of this is easily reversable.
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