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Thread: Probs With Bf1942 Iso

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    I'm having this problem during the installation of BF1942 using the ISO's avalilable at Verified Downloads. I contacted EA Games about it but due to me having an invalid key they refused to help me. Below is a picture of the problem I receive.

    Please note I did not burn the ISO's to a CD, I'm using DAEMON TOOLS to install it, if that makes any difference.

    Please help if you can.

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    The file is corrupted. It happens a lot with Kazaa. You could try downloading a fresh copy, but it would probably be messed up too. Use E-mule or something to download CD images, I don't use it, so you would probably get more help from someone who does.

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    I can't really just go and download a 1.1 Gig game again. I'm on a 3 GIG a limit Broadband plan so I am really restricted to what I can and cannot do.

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    That sucks, but I think it may be repairable, I'm not too sure on what to use, but I'm sure someone else here does.

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    *Puts to the very helpful chrisogs reply and hopes someone can fix this problem*

    I've gone through hell and back trying to get this damn game, prolly easier to buy it, but since I'm a cheap ass and spent the better part of 6 days downloading it, ISP thing, and now I can't even plays it =(

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    Hi Guys,

    I hear your pain, files downloaded by kazaa often get corrupted and at present there isn't much we can do about it.

    I found out this technique from a post in the Fast Track Central forum by humbukka (although posted by buzzb2k) Find it here Hope they don't mind if I sum it up here.

    Here goes;

    You can try to reapir your corrupted CD image by using CDmage, which can be obtained from

    Install this program open the CD image you have (bin or iso) and scan for corruption, then repair the corruption.

    Hopefully this will repair the corruption and you can stop reading as you should have a working CD image. However, sometimes it can't repair all the corruption. If this is the case you have two options;
    one: buy the game
    or two: download another copy

    If you choose to download another copy don't delete the corrupted copy, you'll need it later. move the corrupted copy out of your shared folder (never share corrupted files ).

    Once you've got another copy repeat the scan for corruption and repair the corruption. If there is no corruption, hurray you've got a working CD image. If there is still corruption all is not lost. You should now have two copies of the CD image, both with corruption. Using CDmage open and scan one for corruption, then, here's the trick, import sectors from the other CD image. Save the resulting CD image.

    Now hopefully the two corrupted copies you had, were corrupted in different sectors. If this was the case when you import sectors you replace the corrupted ones with clean ones and you'll now have a corruption free CD image, Hurray!!
    If not you'll have to repeat the process of downloading another copy, scaning, importing sectors, etc. This is rarely the case, most of the time two copies will fix it.

    Hopefully I've explained it clearly, it's not too hard the software does everything for you, all you have to do is click a few buttons most under the menu "Action" in CDmage

    I know it's not the best solution, downloading another copy, but unless you want to use emule which has automatic corruption repair, there really isn't any other way(well not that i know of and I ain't an expert!!&#33

    This technique works, I had to use it on all three CD images of Splinter Cell!!!

    Hope this helps and in case any one skipped a bit at the start this was a summary of a guide humbukka wrote on the fast track central forum, (link at the top).


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