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Thread: Burning Vcd's That Dont Jog In 1/8 The Time

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    Now this little thing i worked out myself not that long ago, i dont know if u all know it but i thought i should share.

    Fisrts get a copy of "alchol 120%", u can easily find a cracked or a key gen on kazaa. then get "vcd easy"

    Now open vcd easy and select the mpeg, i am asumming u all know how to use vcd easy so i wont go into deatil, (Note this process can be used for Svcd as well Vcd). Once the mpeg is scanned and accepted, go to simulate and not burn.

    Now set the burn speed to 4x or 8x this will prevent jogging on the movie, place a disc in the drive because vcd easy wants a cd in even if it isnt buring to it.

    Now click Start, wait for the CD image file to be created, now close vcd easy, (use taskmanager as u cant stop the process after the image file has been made).

    Now open "alcohol 120%".

    1) Select burn cd image file

    2) Select the cue file that vcd easy just made, it should be on your desktop.

    3) select your cdr drive and insert a cd, also u can set the drive to maximum speed.

    4) Click go

    Now because your burning an image file and not the mpeg file in vcd format the speed can be as fast as the cd allows and because the image has been made at 4x or 8x the movie wont jog and can be made in about 2 or 3 mins which is much faster than half an hour lor longer depending what speed u burn at.

    Any problems or questions Pm me.


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    They could get proper advice from a reliable source

    DVDr help

    Here you can find guides to make VCD's , SVCD's , rip DVD and turn an .avi file into an .mpeg ready to be burned with Nero

    It also has hacks for dvd players to make them region free , it worked for mine

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    You know, its people like u who ruin these kind of forums, little smart arses who post links to sites we all know that have been posted a million times and have nothing new to actually offer but like to get posts so they post stupid little pointless comments.

    For christs sake, its a tips section, for people who know tips or have found somthing out, its not the links to sites section.

    Contribute or dont put anything at all

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    Awww , poor baby gonna go cry ?

    Stop your fucking whining you 13 year old prepubescent twat and take your shitty "tips" with you

    Its kids like you who spam these forums with your totally unrealistic online personas , lowering the IQ level for everyone

    So just piss off and go back to jacking off to your porno

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    it is people like the two of you, who ruin this board, why cant everyone get along. without dissing each other over stupid things, also language should be kept to a minimum,

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    I spoke the truth

    She couldn't take it

    My actions are my own

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    what, get some posts to your name before slaggin people off, how do u know how crap the tip is, try it, it works. thats why i posted it.

    You dont have to go around insulting people, if u dont have somthing nice to say dont say it

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    its work really good,

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    Reading this forum can be really funny sometimes...

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    well i try not sound like an idiot, but when people insult me without cause, i get a bit mad, its ok tho, he hasnt been around for a while, maybe he has found another forum to annoy people in.

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