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Thread: Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May [2006]

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    album is much better than their debut. it's pretty good, not bad... kinda soft with a hint of metal. really diggin' the opening song. good listening when driving. i understand that this is not slipknot, but 30/30-150 is the hardest song on the album and would had been nice to have one more. either way, gonna be in my 6-pack in the truck for awhile.

    track listing:

    1. 30/30-150
    2. Come What(ever) May
    3. Hell & Consequences
    4. sillyworld
    5. Made Of Scars
    6. Reborn
    7. Your God
    8. Through Glass
    9. Socio
    10. 1st Person
    11. Cardiff
    12. Zzyzx Rd.

    album will be out aug. 1st.

    *edit: i recently acquired the limited edition stone sour (only having the original) debut album and started listening to it again. i have to say i now i prefer the debut album over this 2nd one. hrm, guess i completely forgot what it sounded like.
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    dled it 2 nigts ago, def buying it the day it comes out, this is a much needed album (break) from the heavier stuff.

    Right up there with Karma and Effect and even 10000 days.

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    I really like the album, there isnt one song that I dont like on it. The mixture between heavy and softer songs is good....I'll defiantely buy it when it's released My favorite songs on the album is "Cardiff" and "Made of Scars"
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    Yeah this album is pretty good, though I like the first one better, naturally.

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    Corey Taylor: "We will definitely be doing an extended tour of Canada this time around, because last time we only had 9 months to tour before Jim and I had to go back and record Volume 3 for Slipknot. So ya, definitely this time around we're gonna kick some ass in Canada for sure......Oh ya for sure, we're not gonna be doing anything you know, me and Jim that is, we're not gonna be rushing things with Slipknot. You know, I think it's safe to say that we won't be going into the studio for Volume 4 any time before 2008, but that's being pessimistic, so you know, who knows, anything can happen as far as I am to all the maggots out there, hang tight, Volume 4 will come out, just not for a while. I know that Mick and Paul are gonna start writing some stuff up for it, but that's good, cuz by the time we're done touring with Stone Sour, there will be a lot of songs already written, making the process that much easier. I know that Joey will be getting together with Craig as well after his tour with Ministry, and they're gonna head on down to Paul's place. It's funny cuz that's where all our Slipknot shit takes place you know? That's where everything you hear on our Slipknot stuff, except some stuff off of Iowa, that we do our pre-recording and shit, you know, just hang out and write music for the hell of it. Hopefully they'll come up with some real good shit by the time me and Jim get in on the action. All I know for sure is that with Volume 4 we're gonna definitely experiment like we did with Volume 3, we're gonna have melodic tracks for sure, and acoustic most likely, but we're definitely, at least I will definitely, try to take it back to the basics, you know? Gonna go old school Slipknot, bring back that driving force that there was in the self titled album, and mix it with the melodic and acoustic experimentation found in Volume 3, but I will say this, that Volume 4 will kick major ass and if anything it will be our peak."

    Interview at
    Wow, I think I shat myself, 2 more years, but hey at least get to see Stone Sour in Vancouver
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    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.


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