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Thread: Im planning on switching from my comcast isp...?

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    My main is for anyone who uses has a high-speed connection isp, other than comcast in Maryland. Lately the internet connection is very slow, ESPECIALLY when i run a bittorent client. When ever i contact comcast about this issue, its always the same answr, "We'll send a technician in four days". I've experienced this problem countless times this year, and im pretty confident it isnt my router, well kinda. I've connected the cable modem directly to my PC, and still the same. My main question is does anyone know a different isp that offers speed similar to comcast in the maryland area? my zip is 21043.

    Im planning on switching to Verizon DSL, since they offer 3mbps/768 kbps compared to comcasts 6mbps/768mbps? Does Verizon dsl get angry and contact you if you download and upload an exorbitant amount a month? I do ideally 100-150GB DL+UL a month, especially UL. And how often do you experience a problem with Verizon similar to mine? TiA...

    Edit: I've also done multiple upload speed tests, and they always fluctuate much lower than they are supposed to, does anyone else with comcast experience this?
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