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Thread: Can I Block Incoming Msn Files?

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    Can I block files which is received when somebody sends a file to me?
    My stupid brotherīs friends sends him a viirus using MSN and my brother canīt a shit about computers,he doesnīt even know that a .exe is a program.

    So is it possible to block those,
    I have Sygate Personal Pro and can I use it to block it

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    You could tell him not to accept the files. If that doesn't work, hit him really hard in his face and he might forget how to read. Worth a shot.

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    Maybe that,Im gonna try it.

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    ummm why doesnt he just say not to accept

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    Originally posted by adthomp@4 May 2003 - 13:54
    ummm why doesnt he just say not to accept
    becus hís brother dont care

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    Get anti Virus Software


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