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Thread: Laptop suggestions?

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    What do you all think are the best Mobile processors for laptops, specifically Intel Duo Core vs AMD options such as sempron or turion 64...

    And what would you all reccomend for a laptop under 1500 bucks with xp pro and if possible Under 1800 with some sort of warrantee and microsoft office

    The HP's look pretty nice, they use AMD processors which is what I am using on my desktop (2 year old AMD Athlon 2500 and it still runs great, knock on wood... I built this 2 years ago and it has more crap on it than my father's Dell, which runs much slower these days yet is the same age, this is why I am leaning away from Dells although their prices are fairly competitive

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    I haven't seen anything suggestion that Intel Core 2 Duos will be available for laptops, so my bet is that Turion 64 X2 will continue to be the processor of choice for laptops for a while yet. No doubt someone will build one, but like the P4 laptops they'll probably run much too hot to be useful.

    I've been looking at some of the newer Asus laptops, but I can't give a definite recommendation since I haven't tried one. They seem to have all the options offered by other manufacturers, but at a lower price.

    You are suggesting under $1500, or under $1800 with Office. Can I suggest you spend the extra $300 on the laptop itself and get - it's free and you can still open and save documents in microsoft formats if you so wish.
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    Core 2 Dous will have a laptop version the core name is merom


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