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Thread: Banned from Oink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zwilliams11788
    I was recently banned from Oink(impossible to seed) and ive gotten another invite but i cant rejoin the site.

    so i take it you're planning to leech till the new account gets banned too.

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    signup at a friends house/or relatives

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    1. Flush your DNS
    2. Delete all cookies and password saved for Oink
    3. If you have DSL, restart your modem, if you have cable, change your router's MAC Adress and restart the modem. The point is to have a new IP.
    4. Sign up with different nick.
    5. Give me one invite if you happen to have another one.

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    You were banned for a reason. Leechers are not welcomed at Oink so don't even bother. Give up the invite to someone that will actually contribute to the community.

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    if you have had your acc disabled at oink then its a high poss that you ip has been banned ...i am a member of oink and users who just leech are not welcome ..and if you try to trick the site by signing up elswhere on a invite WILL get caught cant fool OiNK...

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    lol its hardly impossible to seed at oink! surely you could have uploaded something or kept something seeding!

    their are places for leeches namely torrentspy etc!

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    I don't want to defend this guy if he's a true leecher, but i have found it hard as hell to seed at oink. I made this brillant move to d/l a large file that i didn't even want in the hopes that i would u/l it back to 1:1 or even 2:1 and I would have a great ratio. Well, along with that file...anything i've d/led at oink hasn't been able to reseed faster than 1-3 kb/s (and it's inconsistently even doing that). The only way I've been able to seed anything is to bring over a file from another site and u/l it on oink. But even that is hard to do. So, basically i have a large hole to fill since i d/led that large file and i'll be lucky to retain my account.

    Never had a problem seeding back at any other site (TL, TD, Pisexy, etc...), in fact i normally have to make sure I'm not squatting so others can get a decent ratio.

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    I too just got banned from Oink. I found it next to impossible to seed. I have over upped 600gigs on 2 other trackers each. I got on ratio watch, it said I had 13 days to get the ratio up. I got on a 11gig torrent 1 seeder and the leachers were spread out nicley. I can up at 300+ kps. Well I got up the next morning to find the i have downed 10gigs and upped 1 and a message that I got banned. So wheres my 13 days. I went to the IRC and asked for help. Only answer I got was your banned.

    I knew that risk, but I figured i would upp more than I downed. I got screwed by a 800+kbs dl most of the night while I slept. Normally I would upp x2 the amount on a torrent. At pisexy I have over 600gigs upped. But o-well, I somehow will get back on in a month or so..

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    There is a certain amount you can leech when on ratiowatch. And besides, you should not have leeched on a 11gb torrent if you were already in a hole.

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