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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean Password help

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    i just downloaded the new movie and it says I need to enter a password to unzip it. The password file that i downloaded with it said to go to this site: but when i go there the site isn't working. Does anyone have the password to unlock this movie, it took me hours to download it and I just wanna watch it already! this is driving me crazy, i can't find the password anywhere

    i already tried entering as the password but that isn't it

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    zak2210's Avatar The One BT Rep: +4
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    Where did you download the torrent from and is it POTC 1 or 2?

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    Dedalus^'s Avatar The Truth is Out BT Rep: +3
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    Did u Dl it from a public tracker?
    Cuz it may be a fake... many fakes.

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    Also there are a lot of PotC2 out there that are missing 1/2 hr. That one sounds fishy to me, I'd wait and get a better one.


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