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Thread: Dvd Copy 3.8/dvdx Copy 1.2.2

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    Just recently I downloaded dvd copy 3.8 and dvdx 1.2.2

    Both came with patches that were supposed to make them work but they don't.
    After instalation process when I tryed to open both programs I was asked for passwords.I tryed everything but it seems to me that there is no way around it.
    Did anyone sucesfully managed to use these dvd copying programs.
    If you know it please let me know


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    Hi there

    I don't know if you did read my post but I already have two of those
    programs but thay require passwords.
    I was asking if someone knows how to bypass passwords,apply patch,
    stuff like that.........
    I would like to make these programs work not just keep them on my desktop

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    I think Enjoi was trying to point out that you might not have a full version of the software. You may never find passwords for it.
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    jibbler it still needs pw but hey lovable pm me if u want the keygen link


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