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Thread: Ares ultra download trouble

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    I just bought Ares ultra download. I waited about 25 minutes and couldn't get connected to download the specific movie I wanted. Maybe I set something up incorrectly. Here is what I have done so far and what my computer is.

    -I have XP service pack 2
    -I am connected by Road Runner on Time Warner cable on a wireless connection

    -I watched the little tutorial video on Ares about how to download.
    -made connection choices
    -set up connection speed as cable
    - set up a special folder to transfer movies to
    -put a check in the box-My computer is behind a firewall or can't accept
    incoming connections. This put a dot in Don't use proxy,
    -Checked connection, got message -test passed
    -made sure it said connected at top
    -selected video to download, and got the arrow pointing downwards that
    indicated the download process was starting.

    This is where I ran into trouble. I never could get a connection to download the movie.(Even after 20 minutes) I tried selecting different movie providers for the same movie title. I even tried downloading the movie King Kong since this was the example they used in the tutorial. I didn't have any success.
    Please offer any suggestions.


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    you got scammed go get your money back
    Mr Angry

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    ares is a free program. here

    ring up and cancel the transaction on your credit card quickly or just tell them that the charge is fradulent and they will cancel it.

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    Thanks for the warning. I'm new at this file sharing, so I'm learning as I go. I actually paid for a subscription to a site that helps you convert to downloaded movies into iPod files. So the Ares ultra program wasn't the only software that I was able to access at the members site. I now realize that I paid for the convenience of having resources bundled together for me to access.
    Since I couldn't get the Ares ultra download to work for me, I used the alternative windows download program, MP3 Rocket. With this program I was able to start downloading movies. MP3 gave me more information, such as "need more sources" and "search for more sources". I'm in the process of downloading a movie now. I hope it works.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Never pay for File Sharing!

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    I got a offer for you:

    -it's free it's legal
    unlimited downloads of all
    popular music and movies

    -connects to a dozen networks including
    the popular fastTrack network

    -Just send me money, money, and more money

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    Never pay for File Sharing!
    pay for the best, try usenet...


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