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Thread: hit n run?

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    1337sk33t's Avatar So Not a Newbie
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    Jul 2006
    what does "hit and run" mean? i've seen it on a few trackers as they've been more strict with users. no worries for me tho, my ratios are all above 1.5 just curious

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    zak2210's Avatar The One BT Rep: +4
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    Mar 2006
    Hit 'n' Run is when you download a file and don't bother seeding...

    Hit = Download
    Run = Don't seed

    All private trackers don't allow this because it kills the torrent, makes the torrent very slow when people download and this is not good for their community. That is why the seeders are usually more than the leechers (look at torrent leech if you have access, it has the most seeders compared to any other tracker)

    However in public trackers they don't really care about ratios, uploaders or seeders, this is why the seed/leech ratio is completely opposite of private trackers.

    You should be safe as your ratio is above 1.5.

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    edit: zak beat me


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