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Thread: Getting started the right way

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    I`d like to know how to get started without having to wade through lots of technical stuff that I don`t understand.
    Kazaa Lite - Bittorrent - Emule ??
    Which programme would be easier for a beginner like me ?
    I`m still finding odd bits of stuff on my HDD from previous attempts, so I would really like to do it the right way this time and ask someone who knows - like where should I download the software (not - right ??) and a few easy steps to get the MBs moving.

    All suggestions welcome

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    no program is easy the first time,
    if you wanna do it good the first time you need to read FAQs/guides.

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    Okay Thanx, Vitualbody1234
    I`ll start with emule and get back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234

    Hey wait a minute that's what I use . Good point tho as there guides here as well or verified's for that matter .

    @Pad1984 , here's a link to our verified's to help you get started .

    Questions about Emule can be asked in this forum :
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    I started out with napster, then when that closed i used a lot of small no-name apps until finally using kazaa lite/morpheus for a long time and finding this forums.

    Limewire is a lot like kazaa lite/napster/etc (which i dont recomend!) so i'd give that a shot first, or emule like vb1234 said (altho i've had bad luck with it but that's probably just because i haven't given it much of a chance).

    After you learn those programs you can move into torrents and/or newsgroups which are in my opinion the best forms of p2p but take a bit more knowledge to use properly/safely/quickly (large learning curves).

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    I think emule would be a good start for you because there's a lot of sites explaining how to configure it properly and most important, you can signup to a forum and download only verified movies/music/apps...

    With bittorrent you would have to start probably with public trackers and get problems with fakes, virus, etc

    Good luck

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    i think my first experience was napster too

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    if you're after music (but have some yourself to share) i've found soulseek to be very good.

    you should check it out.
    you look like i need a drink....

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