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Thread: Rapidshare

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    Hey guys,
    i know this is for bit torrents, but i didn't know where else to put this. all of us here use torrents A LOT, i think rapidshare and all other online uploading sites are becoming very popular.
    The one in particular i like is rapidshare.
    My problem is that rapidshare makes you wait 1 hour after every download to download another file.
    However, they offer free accounts once in a while. I even have a software that automatically checks when free accounts are available, but they come and go mostly while i'm asleep or at work.
    I was wondering if there was a way to get a premium account and keep it, without worrying about it closing down or anything.
    Would anyone here know of a way to get premium accounts, a much faster way than waiting all the time, or anything related to premium accounts that they could share with me?

    Thanx in advance!!!!!

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    if your ip is dynamic just disconnect and reconnect for each file and you will only have the standard minute wait or woteva it is. a pain in the ass but meh!

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    Rapidshare sometimes releases premium account for free...but it is for a limited time or size (9GB or One week)...I've already gotten 3 of these but its hard to find! Just google to find some blogs about it!
    The best solution if you want fast and unlimited download is to pay (but I'll never pay)!

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    only solution are for dynamic ip

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    or pay

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY View Post
    Have you considered using Usenet at all...
    If you willing to pay a small price you can get all your downloads fast and as securely has possible.

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    there are several good ones too; see; if ppl stop uploading to rapidshare then nobody has to download from them, use or (this one in particular has 4 different ways of uploading)


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