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Thread: Xp Compatability

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    Ok, I gots it. (winXP corporate)
    Now, when I ran the compatability test it came back with:

    Hardware Compatibility Issues
    Setup has found hardware on your computer that is incompatible with
    (that is, it does not work with) Windows XP.

    Hardware That Might Need Additional Files

    The following hardware might need additional files in order to work
    with Windows XP. Contact your hardware vendors to obtain Windows XP
    compatible updates. In many cases, if a Windows XP version is not yet
    available, a Windows 2000 compatible update should work. It is
    recommended that you obtain these drivers in advance.

    Please note that some of the following entries might be software that
    is registered as hardware.

    PCI Modem Enumerator

    Now I'm assuming that this pertains to an UPGRADE install?
    Will a clean install resolve this issue? I want to be able to connect to the net when I'm done!

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    Took care of it, blah! :-"


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