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Thread: Is down ?

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    or just me having prob. ?

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    yip its down

    i dont know why they dont do something with that site it is the most blatently worst to look at torrent site about! and they have $900 expenses whats that all about? i dont know why i still have it boomarked

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    same here

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    are they down permenantely ?

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    according to the post at tpg the acid lounge admin says "We will be back we have put to much time and effort to walk away."

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    they changed the url as they claimed in one of the tpg`s post, they may give the new url by pm there

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    The place wasn't half bad...especially with all those ratio boosters early on...that was nice. It got some files very early.

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    got well fast speeds on it

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    yea but all the ratio boosters were absolutely useless! if the system was based on global ratio then that would have been great but based on torrent ratio it sucks ass! a trillion sites that look nice and have twice as much content and 10 times the speeds!

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    still want it back though

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