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Thread: best mp3 downloading software

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    whats the best program to download mp3's ? commercial stuff...

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    AsuYank213727's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Jul 2006
    For individual songs I'd say limewire, but for CD's use torrents. (IE:utorrent)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsuYank213727
    For individual songs I'd say limewire, but for CD's use torrents. (IE:utorrent)
    already use limewire pro and azureus.

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    Limewire or shareaza....theres this other one i cant remember it.
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    I think FrostWire is the easiest and user friendly. I've never had any fakes or virus or anything but just the song.
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    Ares is very good, it has a kazaaliet interface withotu the fake files and spyware. Its very small, fast and elegant.



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    i use bearshare it`s great

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    Depends on what you're looking for. If it's newer stuff you want to grab, I would suggest getting them from Newsgroups if you have access, or a MP3 torrent tracker if you don't.

    Now for older stuff, or more underground and overseas music, I would suggest using SoulSeek. It's not always the fastest way, but it's the only way to find those obscure ones...

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    I'm a fan of torrent trackers using uTorrent, simply because it doesnt tax your computer as much as azureus, although azureus would be my second choice

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    Limewire for songs
    Torrent for full CD

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