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Thread: I need Trancetraffic or Vipmusic invite

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    I need a Trancetraffic or Vipmusic invite....
    I have Audionews invite.
    My ratio is 42.450 ! Uploader.
    When you give me invite pls write pm.
    sorry for my bad english

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    My ratio:

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    Floydian's Avatar Metaller BT Rep: +3
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    May 2006
    pm me with your email and I'll send you vipmusic invite

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    Zafer's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    May 2006
    I have TT account and I can trade it with you.

    Just I need tvrecall invite/account in return.

    Here is my ratio.


    There is also a good news for TT.

    Hello everybody, this is a mass PM being sent to every member of TT to thank everyone for being a part of this great place and contributing to our site. As you know tomorrow is our official 2 year anniversary and we want to celebrate.

    We have 2 surprises for you. The first one you will have to wait for a bit longer.. but the second one is almost here.

    Some of you probably knew what that surprise was, and some of you were praying on your knee's hoping it was what you thought it was... well, IT IS! So yes, on TT's birthday we will be running another full 7 days of FREE LEECHING.

    Starting July 19th, you will be able to download anything you want on the tracker without affecting your ratio at all. You upload credit will still count and add to your total ratio, so don't forget to seed - because there will be A LOT of people downloading so this will be everyone's chance to improve their ratio's as well.

    Last year we had 2X the seeding credit, this year it is only 1X, but I`m sure nobody is crying

    Ohhh by the way... I lied about it being tomorrow, it's actually in effect RIGHT NOW. So go ahead and leech away

    Thank You,
    - Everybody at TranceTraffic.

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    Northern Ireland
    I'm also looking for a trancetraffic invite, i can offer HDTVtorrents invite in exchange

    Check ratios in sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by rox
    My ratio:

    How do I know this is your ratio and not someone elses?

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    This is my ratio!believe or not...
    My nick on audionews: BassT...
    Everybody can send me pm on audionews.

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    Very-very Thx 4 the invite "adagio"!


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