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Thread: Amazed at the amount of trackers that require reqs

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    i am really amazed at the amount of trackers that require reqs are thses smaller ones going to compete against the like of filelist, filemp3 .and torrentleech ,,oink as well ..i cant see how these trackers keep going as it cost bucks to run a tracker ,so who' is paying the bills ..i wish them the best of luck but the competion tough out there ..

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    the public trackers/index sites are funded by ad revenues
    the private trackers are funded by member donations

    the public trackers probably make more profit, but are less secure.
    the private trackers vary, some dont meet the bills, some do, and others actually make some profit from the donations from the users.

    dont think that public trackers cant compete. thepiratebay is the internets busiest tracker.

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    my first post, one i want to give. You think its Easy going to a hackers site,(boneyard, crash demons), and look over all the yahoo booter programs, the very sites i chat, (or try to), infecting myself with a couple of malware in doing so, trying to see where all the bravado and glory these guys seem to exude is coming from, and all i find is a type of cowardice, that hides itself in the fact that some how WE(the ones who just want to enjoy to chat) are somehow inferior unless we know how to boot, hack, insert malware,virus'es,etc, and WE cant. That's silly and childish, except for the poor loser who just dropped $800 bucks or more, and, after an hour chatting with his new nachine, but didnt put up the right firewall, gets his comp fried, might be a living on the edge family, who cant afford it, who knows. But the superioity of these people, and they'll say it to your face, booters are better, but what, oh booters, is better with no chat room at all, better get ready for one u must Pay for, but i'm sure you'll find away around That.

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    Down the lane i think your in the wrong forum as what you said has absolutely nothing to do with torrents.

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    Like whoa...

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    @down_the_lane: you sound angry m8. you might want to make a new thread and not hijack someone elses topic

    Back to the topic at hand.
    I'm not so suprised that there is alot of small private trackers out there though I agree it is hard for them to compete against the giants like TL and Oink.
    I guess it just depends on their content and speed. I think alot of the realy small trackers with only a few users end up biting the dust in the end. still having said that some of the newer trackers have done realy well (BitSoup and RevolutionTT spring to mind) and don't look like they're having any problems getting members of keeping themselves in biz. once again It just comes down to the content and how fast their pretimes are.


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