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Thread: Getting a DVD burner finally

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    will an avi file just burn to a dvd and play in all dvd players or do i have to convert it to a dvd and then burn it.....i have been converting avi to mpg and burning them with nero...

    just looking to know what the difference is and the advantages to having a dvd player for downloading and burning.

    will everything burned to a dvd play in a dvd player (you know how cd-r is a crap shoot on dvd players)???????????

    can someone explain the process

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    About time you'll be saying in a few days , Its nice having a DVD burner .

    I found this site very usefull :

    Of course you'll need software such as Dvd Decrypter , Dvd shrink to name a few .
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    Just got a BenQ 1650 for $32.99 shipped from Newegg. Then called cs for a pm. They credited back $5. So the final price is $27.99 shipped.

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    You can give a look at this forum
    They have lot's of info about burning, drives, convert process...very cool

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    To convert AVi to DVD I use a program called divxtodvd.
    Nice and simple to use, and can choose either pal or ntsc.

    If there's more than 1 avi file ("2 cd") I use "AVIJoiner".

    To copy dvds that are rented, owned or borrowed I use dvdshrink to shrink it to the 5gb size.


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