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Thread: tv torrent site invites

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    can anyone invite me to any good private tv torrent sites?

    most the time i use eztv or torrentleech, but theresd shows i want that i cant seem to get hold of easyily, like for instahnce i been looking for bad lad army s4e2 but nowhere has it, but 1 site had e1 after it aired but i think it was a one off, and cant find further episodes of the dudesons after e2

    so can someone please invite me to a cool private tv torrent site, dont mind which one it is but im hoping it has a good selection of stuff

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    I don't know when Series 4 was aired. If its the latest one then UKNova has episode is the only tv site that has it.

    UKNova doesn't do invites....they delete inactive accounts and open up for sign-up for a limited number of accounts each day.

    I managed to get in after trying for a few days. If you've got the time just keep trying.


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