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Thread: Interesting...

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    So I was browsing Slyck today and some guy posted a screenshot of his Uk-t account:

    The interesting thing that I saw in the screenshot is that in the profile, there was an "Invites" field. Now he had zero, and the rest of Uk-t members might have zero invites as well, but is it possible that Uk-t has invites?

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    Not sure about UK-t but I know Supertorrents still has the invite field but doesn't give out any invites so it might be nothing. Unless you've heard of people giving out invites which I havn't
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    Well, I heard from a member at UK-T that they aren't giving out invites at the moment. Maybe in the future who knows

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    yeap, there is a zero there...
    in the profile and status bar.
    but i'm a poweruser from abot half a year
    and i didn't see anything else but zero there.
    Probably someday the system worked, now
    maybe only the most trusted people get a few invites.


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