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Thread: A Program Like Window Washer...

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    i need a prgram like window washer cause i have way too much space used by temp files but window washer dont work good on my pc

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    Zdelete by lsoft is excellent

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    Can you explain your problems with Window Washer.

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    Windows washer is the best there is

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    Sorry i have to disagree, ive used them both and zdelete is much more powerful and user friendly, im no expert, but i Knows what i like, and i likes what i know!

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    window washer dosent allow me to change my options and none of the options are selected to start with so it dont do anythin, and i tried deleting and intsallin it again, nothin

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    Get rid of it, now!

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    i have just put it on kl with a key(not together) try it, you wont be disapointed.

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    If you want the latest version of window washer that is absolutley perfect then PM me and ill send you a web address you can get it from(along with a lot of other software&#33.I use this one myself and never had a problem with it.

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    here it is

    File: ZDelete_Setup.exe
    Length: 1006592 Bytes,983KB
    UUHash: =fCpzfzXu+VGO/Lz4/D/1ZJsXZEc=

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