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Thread: Incredible Slowdown

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    one of the comps i use has this incredible slowdown prob.

    it seems that when i try to paste files, the individual files move very fast, but creating new folders takes as much as 10 minutes!

    sometimes when its more severe (might indicate levels of severity??), renaming, double-clicking, and moving open windows are also affected. i've even had it crash on startup, just suspended.

    i've virus-scanned with the latest defs, checked the microsoft knowledge base, wrote in to pcmag, defragged, scanned disk, and everything else short of reinstalling windows, but the problem is still there!

    the specs are (don't laugh i only use this comp b/c of internet connection)

    cyrix m2 233mhz (but runs at 166mhz actual, sort of like the +s with athlon xps)
    64mb edo ram (simm)
    3.2gb samsung hdd (think its ls120) - os
    20gb 7200rpm maxtor hdd - storage
    gpu - sis 5597/5598 (4 mb onboard ram)

    please help!

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    do you know how much free ram you have in idle conditions?
    is it possible to fit more ram in your board?

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    Holy crap.

    For the cost of RAM for that computer, you may as well upgrade to a Pentium II.

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    yeah, buying simm ram these days can be very costly, but it might be worth it if you're adamant not to buy a new setup completely

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    I have had this problum before. Believe it or not but Windows slows down ever day! If you only using it for the Internet Connection then just formatg your hard drive and re-install Windows.

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    idle - i have around 50mb ram, and no, all 4 simm slots are full (2x32, 2x16)


    my ps is 150 watts i think, but i've heard that the m2 chip uses a really low amount of power

    the video also works just fine

    as i said, the speed is actually really really fast, it's just when i go to rename files or copy folders that it slows down - the files inside those folders copy fast, but the folders dont

    another interesting thing is - if i copy/cut/paste/rename/run etc. from a dos prompt it's just fine


    i don't know... i don't have a recovery cd... and it would be a big pain in the ass anyway

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    lol 64 ram, theres your problem

    upgrade, ram isn't that expensive now

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    unfort i have edo ram which is super expensive now and all my slots are full

    maybe i'll get my broadband over to my good pc and cannibalize this one...

    thanks all for your help


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