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Thread: HELP - cant post/pm on sites

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    trying to be brief cos of my problem. I cant make a post that has more than 10 lines in it. I cant pm either. On sites, i can browse and type but when i press submit, it just wont. It hangs and then i get a error saying - my browser sent a header that the server cant understand or something. i've done adaware, spybot, emptied temp files but still have problem. After experimenting, i can submit a post/pm if its very short. but if its got e.g. 2 paragraphs in it, it wont submit. I'm not even sure if this one will work.

    Please help

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    sorry about double posting. This problem has suddenly occured. i thought maybe spyware changed my browser headers or soemthing. Not sure though. This problem occurs on firefox, IE and opera. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Just a thought, but you might try to update your Java if the message system is Java-based. I'd remove the current version and reinstall.

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    thanks for reply. I think i know what is wrong. Its my bloody router!!! Cos i've just randomly copied and pasted a yahoo news page [loads of paragraphs] and pm'd it to myself and it wouldnt work [400 bad request error....browser esnd request that server couldnt udnerstand kinda error]. But i've turned my router off and via modem ii could successfully submit the news page contents

    I've a new problem now. I'm new to routers and this is my first one ever and i bought it 2 weeks ago.

    Does anyone know how or why my router would give me that 400 bad request error when my modem is ok with it? I didnt know routers could do stuff like that.


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