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Thread: Anybody Like Boxing

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    Im a noob(i think) so no piss taking.

    Morales vs barrera 1 is my favourite fight of the last decade what do you think?

    what does lol stand for?

    why is sperm donation more expensive than blood donation?

    because its hand made!

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    lol means laugh out loud
    lmao means laughing my ass off
    pml means p*ssing myself laughing
    rotf means rolling on the floor
    you can work out rotfpml

    tia means thanks in advance

    i don't like boxing very much, and i especially don't like prince naseem ahmed, he's a bloody showoff

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    And your're right, naz is an arrogant muppet.

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    Did you here that Glottis is coming out of retirement to fight?
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    I did and im bursting with excitement.


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