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Thread: other nfo websites (alternatives to vcdq and nforce)

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    well i know of nforce and vcdquality already, and i guess alot more of you do, but i know theres a few more nfo sites out there that are more underground or dont get mentioned etc if you know what i mean

    so im wondering if people can share some nfo listing websites similar or completely diffrent from nforce/vcdq


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    This one is really the best one out there. But becoming a members is very hard, invite base only, and there are around 60 members I think

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  6. File Sharing   -   #6 is kinda helpful, mostly crappy though

  7. File Sharing   -   #7 Both nfos and snapshots.

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    There are good sites mentioned by the users here. thx frnds. its really useful to me.

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    This is another good one, updated daily.


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