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Thread: Win Xp Installation Help Please

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    i downloaded win xp pro corp from kazaa. i extracted the iso burned to cd. i run the setup everything is going great. it copies files, then it restarts. it then says "Enter Cd labled: Windows Xp Professional" press enter when ready. the cd is already in....i press enter. i wait. i press enter i wait. nothing happens. i press enter and nothing happens, the setup will not continue. im pretty sure the file is not corrupt, but i need major help. i dont know what to do. thanks in advance

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    oh yeah, by the way, i didn't use nero to burn the folder with all the contents (but i doubt that has anything to do with it)

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    Thats what propbably went wrong, when you extract the files and burn them to a cd it wont create a cd label.
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    i used iso buster to extract it. was i not supposed to?

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    You burn ISO files, you don't extract them.


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