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Thread: Static Ip To Dns?

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    alright everyone I need some helo. I am hosting my own FTP server using Serv-U. Now the thing is that the address is like and i want to convert it to something like (or anything for that matter). so can anyone help me out PLEASE.

    P.S. I have static IP if that helps

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    Go to NO-IP.Com and sign up for


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    no i have got registered and want to redirect it to that. Also, guys need the mx record. Wazz up with that

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    B U M P

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    go to
    you'll need to register, only takes 2 minutes
    after registered, select static dns
    then go to add host, choose the name you want, e.g. or whatever
    and that's you done
    hope this helps

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    sue bullet proof and than put you host name in (dns) and it will connect toyou dnd server and then to you current ip. (get the no ip dynimac ip tool avalibalt frm there site)


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