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Thread: Sound Forge 8 MP3 Plugin?

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    I haven't been able to find an answer to this question in the forums so I'm asking. I've been looking for a cracked version of Sound Forge 8 that doesn't have the 20megs MP3 limit on the MP3 plugin. Is there one?

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    You joined in Apr 2004 , with a grand total of 4 posts ? Call me crazy but I can't post cracks or even talk about them . Google works tho .

    Found a nice one , sadly you haven't enable the PM function tho .
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    Did I say "cracked"? Oh, must be a typo.

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    Crack? We don't allow talk of cracking here at FST, even if there may or may not have been keygens out for SoundForge since version 5 that may enable full mp3 abilities.

    Thread closed in case someone suggests something illegal.
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