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Thread: Help I Need A File For This Program

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    Hi everyone i am new to the forum. . i was hoping to find some help here. i recently downloaded microsoft publisher 2002 xp. i am using the software for some brouchers and postcards that i am creating. the program had been a lot of help. but there is a problem. it is missing a file called pub. msi this file has some files that publisher needs in order to install some designs that i need for my project. can someone tell me how i can get this or if someone has publisher that works absolutley well. i am doing a very important project and i dont't have the cash to go and buy a brand new software. can someone please, please help me out.. Please
    Thanks all.


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    hi Queen

    ok in my experience if you are being asked for file of .msi it is more so of a file that is used when installing or updating the aplication.
    if you burnt this program onto a CD, try inserting the CD and then pointing it to there. (other wise search for pub.msi on the cd and point it to its exact location. you in theory should have that file somewhere if you originally instaled the app cause i think its a file that you have to have to install.

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    a .msi us an installer file and there is normally only one per app however some apps may have more than one. one for the program and one for the "extras"
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    If you're feeling brave you could try installing the Office XP Service Pack 2. That might fix your problem...;EN-US;325671

    (I'm not sure if it'll work with a copied CD, though.)


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