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    i dL the windows Xp sp1 upgrade frm kazaa but it does not do any thing but give me error messeges in german does any 1 kno where i can get a working SP1 upgrade

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    Is it the well known corporate copy that will not work with the service packs at all?
    In SP there is some kind of block on certain serial numbers.

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    i hav a butnt copy of win XP Pro and i need a service pack so i can burn music because i cant burn music w/o the service pack for Win Xp

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    You can't download Nero or Roxio and use their stuff? Go to this site and look around. There's a link to a Nero dll that works with everything.

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    I dont kno how to use the winimage to fix my CD burning problem for xp


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    Sure the service is turned on? It's Control Panel/ Administrator/ Services "imapi"


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